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Newborn Babies are intrinsically connected to the feelings of warm water caressing, their mind, body and spirit from life within the womb. Since conception the tiny fetus develops and floats calmly, in the amniotic fluid within the confines of the uterus. During birth, aquatic reflexes associated with early swim development are integrated. This makes birth and beyond the perfect time, physiologically to continue the infants relationship with the water.

The Newborn Aquatics DVD and onlining streaming videos, provide you with 168 minutes of parent and teacher resources from birth to 4 years in age specific video's, depending on you babies age. Or you can choose to stream online or purchase the DVD which covers the "complete set".The video's have been especially created for preparation for baby swim lessons, but are wonderful for your babies health and wellbeing in many ways as well. If you are a parent who has a newborn up to 12 months, then these videos are for you. (The 4 month menu suits ages up to12 months). The educational aim is to teach you about, early aquatic infant development, through to reflexes and benefits associated with swimming, and then onto progressive swim developmet through to ages 4. As well as providing new parents encouragement to continue the womb to water connection at home as soon after birth as possible. 


Newborn Aquatics DVD - Complete Set

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  • The age specific menus allow you to choose, the most suited to your babies age as they grow. The video's cover detailed info about how your baby will move in the water and just how much enjoyment you will both have.

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