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Newborn Aquatics

This"Home Bath and Water Conditioning Program" has been especially created to teach you about early swim development.


If you are pregnant, or have a baby up to 6 months, then this these educational videos are for you, and such a beautiful thing to do at home during these uncertain times.


The aim is to provide you with important information that encourages you to continue the womb to water connection at home as soon after birth as possible.


Newborn Babies are intrinsically connected to the feelings of warm water caressing, their mind, body and spirit from life within the womb. 


Since conception the tiny fetus develops and floats calmly, in the amniotic fluid within the confines of the uterus. 


During birth, aquatic reflexes associated with early swim development are integrated. This makes birth and beyond the perfect time, physiologically to continue the infants relationship with the water.


I believe we can create a stronger, more aware generation of swimmers if parents are educated in the difference it makes, when their babies continue their already familiar relationship with the "Waters of the Womb to Waters of the World".


Tricia Ann Roy

Ive been passionate about teaching parents, and their babies in aquatic environments for over 27 years. My fascination for swimming babies underwater, inspired me to capture magical moments – through a most beautiful but challenging journey of underwater photography.


My Newborn Aquatics Program was inspired by 2 children, Alex and Aolani -  I simply loved spending time with them in the bath at home, and recognised that they had a deep connection with the water, from birth. The program was 1st recognised in 2007 when I was asked to present at “The World Aquatic Babies Congress” in New Zealand. I also represented Australia on the Submersion panel along with other Aquatic experts from all 4 continents.


In 2008 I presented “The Newborn Aquatics” program at ASCTA Conference which is considered to be one of the largest of its kind in the world.

In 2018, I presented at the ISSA International Swim Schools Spectacular in conjunction with the World Infant Aquatic Conference. The presentation covered the comparisons of what a baby does in the womb as to the physical, and emotional comparisons in the water from birth.


My mission is to encourage parents to understand that, by continuing their child’s relationship with the water from birth is to give them one of the most beautiful gifts in life.

“The gift of “Learning to Swim Early”.


The benefits you will learn about and the education you will receive are unimaginable, however clearly explained in this collection of online “Early Aquatic Education Videos”.


I can't even begin to tell you how much my beautiful children have taught me on my journey in life and in the wonderful world of baby swim. Bless theirs hearts forever.

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