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NEWBORN AQUATICS Is this the missing link in your Swim School Program?

Endorsed by ASSA Australian Swim Schools Association

The "Home Bath and Water Conditioning Program" has been especially created for new parents and their babies. Encouragement is given to continue the womb, birth, water connection in the bath at home, in addition to water conditioning guidelines, until they're ready to begin formal swim lessons at your"Learn to Swim" school from 3 to 6 months.

Newborn Babies are intrinsically connected to the feelings of warm water caressing, their mind, body and spirit from life within the womb. Since conception the tiny fetus develops and floats calmly, in the amniotic fluid within the confines of the uterus. During birth, aquatic reflexes associated with early swim development are integrated. This makes birth an beyond the perfect time, physiologically to continue the infants relationship with the water.

The program has short, age specific online videos that are simple to understand, and are designed in conjunction within the Aquatic industry guidelines.

I believe we can create a stronger, more aware generation of swimmers if parents are educated in the difference it makes, when their babies continue there already familiar relationship with the "Waters of the Womb to Waters of the World".


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